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About Geekbus

The Geekbus is a mobile makerspace that travels to schools and other organizations to provide STEM educational experiences in their classrooms.

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Inside the Geekbus, you will find 3D printers, robotics, electronics, and maker materials for hands on exploring. Thanks to the generosity donor grants and public support, with our programs students will be given the opportunity to learn new skills by using tools and equipment that they may not have access to otherwise.

The Geekbus program is operated by SASTEMIC, a San Antonio nonprofit organization aimed at connecting education, business, industry and military to bolster the local STEM economy. Tesoro, Rackspace, the 80/20 Foundation, the Maker Education Initiative, and Cognizant are also strategic partners in support of the Geekbus.

Our Story


The goal of all Geekbus programs is to inspire and spark students’ interest in skills needed for the 21st Century. We teach students the value of “Design Thinking,” encouraging them to apply these concepts to solve problems that not only exist in the classroom, but in their daily lives as well. By utilizing Project Based Learning, we also provide students with real world scenarios for learning.

We offer 6 STEM programs, each with Intro and Advanced curricula, for students in Kindergarten through High School:

  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Video Game Design
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Computer Software Engineering

Robotics (K-12)

Learn how to program robots using math and measurements to achieve defined objectives in line with robotics competitions.

3D Printing (4-12)

Develop 3D models using Computer Aided Design software. Student created designs can be printed out on 3D printers.

Renewable Energy (4-12)

Build working mechanical prototypes while exploring renewable energy topics through the engineering design process.

Video Game Design (K-12)

Learn the fundamentals of computer programming and design their own video game that they will be able to use and continue to modify outside of the classroom.

Hardware Engineering (4-12)

Learn the foundations of electronic hardware design and necessary operation programming for today’s technologies.

Computer Software Engineering

Learn fundamental elements of computer software design and learn how to perform basic functions in the Python programming language and the Linux terminal using a Raspberry Pi computer.

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